Cemetery Grounds Tidy Up

May 12, 2022

The team at RISE have been hard at work tidying up the local cemeteries after the wet season. Well done everyone on all your hard work to tidy up community.

White Card Training in Pormpuraaw

May 09, 2022

Eleven participants completed the recent White Card Training in Pormpuraaw by Anthony Willett from Civil Safety.

Pormpuraaw Fishing Competition

April 16, 2022

RISE helped out with the Pormpuraaw Fishing Competition and had a wonderful day. See all the images from the day.

Gavin Holroyd is Rise’s Participant of the week

April 15, 2022

Mr Gavin Holroyd has been attending his activity for the past fortnight and has been sticking to his Mutual Obligations. Gavin has had a major improvement in his self confidence and talking to others in a very encouraging and helping manner. The men could be picking up rubbish or tidying up the shed and Gavin…

Easter Competition Draw

April 14, 2022

Over the last few weeks RISE has been running an Easter competition. Each time our jobseekers attended the WfD Activity/Training shed they went into the draw. Find out who won the Easter goodies.

March IDLU Visit at Kowanyama

We were lucky enough to have IDLU (Indigenous Driver Licensing Program) visit community last March assisting with ID and licencing barriers.

International Women’s Day At Kybrook

March 08, 2022

The ladies Kybrook got together today to focus on breaking the bias this International Women’s Day.

Remote Laundries Project

March 04, 2022

Rise Ventures is looking to further increase our involvement as a key sponsor and supporter of the Remote Laundries Project. The Remote Laundries are run by The Aboriginal Investment Group (AIG). The aim of the project is to help the community be healthier, have a better quality of life, education, and more local employment opportunities.

Welding Course at RISE Katherine Trades Skills Hub

March 03, 2022

The new RISE Katherine Trades Skills Hub held it’s first course in welding. It was a three week course that has now completed today.

Get Ready for Pancake Day

February 23, 2022

Rise Ventures is getting ready for Pancake Day on March the 1st. The team at Rise compete to see who makes the best pancake. Get your tools ready to join Rise on March the 1st and cook some amazing pancakes.