Kowanyama Museum and Art Exhibition opening

July 09, 2019

A great evening was had by all that attended the official Kowanyama Museum and Art Exhibition opening last week. The Kowanyama Mayor Michael Yam took all involved on a tour of the centre and cooked up a traditional Kup Murri with fresh wallaby and goanna for the community to enjoy.

Army recruits returning home after training

June 25, 2019

Joy and jubilations were felt across the Airport in Pormpuraaw, when army recruits returned home for the first time after leaving for their first part of army training in Cairns.

Katherine Construction Card Training

June 18, 2019

Katherine Construction Card Training

Pormpuraaw Paving Crew

June 17, 2019

Pormpuraaw Paving Crew

Food Ladder Project – Lockers

June 14, 2019

Food Ladder Project – Lockers

SEE Project Kowanyama

June 07, 2019

SEE program has finally arrived in Kowanyama

New Women’s shelter in Pormpuraaw

June 06, 2019

Two local men have commenced work on the construction of the new Women’s Shelter in Pormpuraaw. Both men have previous construction experience and white cards and have been able to gain work with Strategic Builders who have the contract to complete the works. These men are excellent attenders at their WfD activity and have made it to the top of the list for recommendations to the contractors due to this.

Great job so far – we are excited to see the final product!

Jewellery Workshop Kowanyama

May 31, 2019

Tania Major is a local woman from Kowanyama that runs a jewellery workshop for young women in partnership with RISE.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea Kuranda Community

May 20, 2019

Mother’s Day Morning Tea – Kuranda Community Kindergarten, Thank you