Kowanyama, with a population of almost 1200, is a laid back community within Cape York situated between Chillagoe to the east, Normanton to the West and Pormpuraaw to the north. Land of Many Waters is its motto and the claim to fame is the nature of the people whom are amongst the friendliest of the Cape. The community Bakery provides a central  point for meetings and gatherings, opening up 6 days per week for locals and visitors alike, to get fresh bread and a nice café style coffee.

The Kowanyama have a number of activities that are engaging with the community.  The flagship activities include the Sewing Group whom are making shopping bags from material to do away with plastic bags and make the community green, as well as the trades and tools activity which is always first to lend a hand to support community in the making of signs, beds and other wooden items for use. Other activities that support the community is the local Market Garden which will soon produce Vegetables and Fruit for consumption, Community Pride which assists the community in keeping the place beautiful and Magnificent River which uses its greenhouse to prepare seedlings for the Market Garden.

The Kowanyama Cattle Company is in its infancy, however, using our local expertise and linking with council this will create employment opportunities for the local community as well as fresh meat which during the wet season becomes a vital course of food for the locals.

We have strong ties to Apunipima, Council, Parole, River House, Kowanyama State School where we have adopted the prep class and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Kowanyama Posts

RISE Ventures Celebrates CDP Success

RISE Ventures is extremely proud of the work we are doing through the Community Development Programme. Partnering with local people, community and employers we are gaining real momentum and improving the lives of people who find work and build their careers. This is not an easy contract and we must engage with local communities to…

Job Seeker of the Week: Roseshelle Kitchener

Roseshelle Kitchener is our well-deserved Kowanyama job seeker of the week! At the start of the week, being relatively new to the sewing activity, Roseshelle was quite scared of using a sewing machine. She had never touched one before, but under the guidance of Renee, she managed to get through all the hurdles. Roseshelle got…

Job Seeker of the Week: Keifer Soper

Keifer is 24 years old and for the past 17 years has sustained employment within the community more often than not. In 2010 Keifer was employed with VG Steel and completed a two year traineeship with this company in construction, before returning to our caseload and taking part in what was known at that time,…

Kowanyama ladies use funds from market day sales to purchase towels for children to use at the pool

There was a lot of excitement at the Kowanyama pool from the children when new towels arrived recently, thanks to the entrepreneurship of the Kowanyama ladies   RISE’s Creative Industries WfD Activity at Kuranda were asked to embroider the company’s logo on the towels and RISE owner Duncan Angus presented the towels to the children…