Cody Starts His Carpentry Apprenticeship with Pormpuraaw Council!

March 12, 2024

Cody Henaway is a self-driven young man from Pormpuraaw who is turning his talents into a sustainable career.  

Cody completed year 12 of high school in 2022 and returned to the Pormpuraaw community. At school, he had already gained Certificate II in Engineering Pathways & Certificate I in Construction. 

After graduation, Cody got casual work as a labourer and station hand but was looking for more consistent work that would develop his skills.  

He joined RISE Ventures as a client in February 2023 and within a month, had been hired as a labourer under the Trialling Pathways for Real Jobs (TPRJ) program within the Community Projects team.  

Cody found that he had a talent and a real love for carpentry when he worked with RISE Ventures local Supervisor, Darren, a trade-qualified carpenter.  

If it hadn’t been for the TPRJ program, Cody would not have had the opportunity to find this passion and develop his skills under Darren’s expert mentorship.  

Alongside this, being employed under TPRJ helped Cody to get into a daily work routine and he felt motivated by positively contributing to his community.  He even volunteered with the RISE Ventures team at two community youth events! 

After working for RISE Ventures for 6-months, Cody was ready for his next step. He approached the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council about a carpentry apprenticeship role.  

Although they didn’t have any openings at the time, Cody persisted. He checked in regularly and impressed the Council by showing his determination and reliability, which was further endorsed by the RISE Ventures team.  

In January 2024, four months after his first application, Cody was hired as a full-time carpentry apprentice with the Council!  

His focus now is on completing his apprenticeship and being open to the opportunities that come from it.  

Cody shared:  

“I’m really happy that RISE gave me a chance to join the TPRJ program. Working with Darren and the boys at the workshop was good. They showed me how to use tools and which ones to use for different things. I have now been accepted by the Pormpuraaw Council as an apprentice carpenter. Thanks RISE!”

Cody Henaway is a client that has been employed by RISE Ventures as part of NIAA’s Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs (TPRJ) program.