Pormpuraaw is on the west coast of Cape York, about 500 kilometres from the tip of Australia and approximately 700 kilometres north of Cairns, just south of the Edward River. It is home to Thaayore, Wik, Bakanh and Yir Yoront People.  Pormpuraaw is a beautiful community that is well known for its coastal location, magnificent sunsets and fishing experiences. Pormpuraaw also has an art and culture centre that the local community is very proud of.  This is an artistic hub in the community with it being a meeting place for much of the community including many of the Elders.

Pormpuraaw Proud is an activity based around community beautification that has completed projects such as landscaping and cemetery maintenance in the community. Upcoming projects for the wet season will be landscaping of the brand new CDP office. This activity also works in with Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council’s parks and gardens crew and assists to complete projects including recent Bull Ride and cultural festival set up for which Rise was a major sponsor.

Tourism and partnerships opportunities are expanding with the art and culture Centre and Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council.  

Our community connections include: Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council; Qld Health RFDS; Pormpuraaw Police; Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre; Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal Corporation; Pormpuraaw United Brothers Sports Club; Pormpuraaw State School; Apunipima; Edward River Crocodile Farm; Pormpuraaw Kiosk

Pormpuraaw Posts

May Newsletter

RISE Ventures May Newsletter

    This monthly newsletter is our opportunity to share with you the latest news, community updates and celebrations across the RISE remote employment, enterprise and community projects space. This month, we are proud to share three successful launches – Pormpuraaw youth engagement, NDIS in Kowanyama and GATHER AROUND, a consulting and training services enterprise! Happy reading! ⭐…

Youth Engagement is Taking Off in Pormpuraaw!

In February, we shared this story of three young men who had started learning carpentry with our Supervisors in Pormpuraaw. Since then, our youth engagement has taken off! We’ve welcomed 12 disengaged young people in the past 6-weeks.   Seeing what their mates had been doing with the RISE Ventures team prompted more young men to…

Pormpuraaw Land & Sea

Mentoring Youth and Enhancing the Pormpuraaw Community

The Pormpuraaw Land & Sea Project is a small but mighty team doing great things for their community.   Made up of RISE Supervisors and eager clients, they are a men’s group in action.   Their mission? To restore, beautify and maintain the outdoor spaces in their community and help locals along the way.  …

Cody Starts His Carpentry Apprenticeship with Pormpuraaw Council!

Cody Henaway is a self-driven young man from Pormpuraaw who is turning his talents into a sustainable career.   Cody completed year 12 of high school in 2022 and returned to the Pormpuraaw community. At school, he had already gained Certificate II in Engineering Pathways & Certificate I in Construction.  After graduation, Cody got casual work…