White Card Training

December 28, 2020

On the 3rd and 4th of November (Tuesday and Wednesday), Rise Katherine hosted two courses of Certificate 1 in Construction (White Card) which was facilitated by the Batchelor Institute. Jobseekers need a Construction White
Card to enter the Construction Industry.

Attending the White Card Training at the Batchelor Institute

Invitations were sent to our neighbouring Region (33) and to our Lead Contractor (Kalano Community Association) for enrollees to attend the courses.

Rise Katherine provided transport to the site for all applicants to the project.

Great turn out for the White Card Training

Some Jobseekers who attended have jobs waiting for them but were waiting in the White Card to be able to start.

Others have gained the first step to get onto the Tindal RAAF Base project when it begins early in 2021. After the two days of training, 16 Jobseekers completed the course.

Reuban Granzien, CDP Coordinator, Rise Ventures