Pormpuraaw Youth Summit

July 26, 2021

RISE assisted with the PPAC Youth Summit as part of Pormpuraaw Community Development and Community Engagement working together.  Youth Summits focus on the youth of the community but also helps to improve the community and other individuals. It helps build communication and trust between the adults and the children/youth.

The Youth Summit program is built on fun activities that addresses barriers and empowers individuals on a level that does not involve a classroom environment.

RISE was involved in the following:

  • Attending scheduled monthly meetings, discussions, and planning leading up to the Youth Summit Event.
  • Morning Toolbox Meeting each morning of the Event. Toolbox meetings were held in the RISE Office Board Room.
  • The breakfast space at the RISE Office, making sure breakfast was prepared and ready for the children at the start of each day.
  • Supported PPAC and Organisations with stationery, equipment, and office space for activities and storage space throughout the week of the Youth Summit Program.
  • Participated and supported in many events like the Colour Run, Movie Night, and Careers Information Day.
  • Worked with the Army to support the Catering of Lunches and Dinner for the Week of the Youth Summit.
  • Worked with the Army in preparation for the Cup Murry Dinner for the Closing Ceremony to support the Men’s Group.
  • General support in all areas of the program to ensure that it was a successful event for the Children and the community.
  • RISE staff worked early mornings and late nights organising and the Youth Summit, and we thank all for their hard work.

Thanks to all the RISE team for all your hard work in making sure the PPAC Youth Summit was a huge success.