Pormpuraaw Fishing Competition

April 16, 2022

RISE ran a food stall and assisted with the Pormpuraaw Fishing Competition that ran on April the 8th.

The fishing comp poster
Mel and Mon doing that food thing
The RISE stall at the Fishing Comp at Pormpuraaw

Business Manager Melissa Douthat, CPC Shimon Pelayo and Activity Supervisor Pricilla Charlie had a team bonding exercise with prepping and cooking for the fishing comp event. Shimon and Cilla got stuck into making chocolate muffins for the event and ended up making roughly 160 muffins. Shimon and Cilla continued with doing all the small prep work that we could to make sure the next day was easy as possible.

Friday morning Melissa and Shimon went to the office early at 5AM to get a jump on setting up trailers and finishing off the cooking that needed to be done that day. SSC Alexis Austin came and helped us to finish pack everything to take down the beach and we were down at the beach and set up by 8AM. A decision was made to make fresh meat and salad rolls as we needed them as there wasn’t a large turn out for food. It was an extremely hot day so we where all looking for the shade as much as possible to make sure we didn’t get burnt. 150 Icy Cups were prep for the fishing comp so the Kids had something cool.

We sold what we could and decided that 3PM was plenty of time in the sun as we still had to go to the Pormpuraaw Sports Club to finish off the event and be apart of the prize giving. It was a large turn out at the Club and was nice to see full family groups including the children. Due to Club Manager being away for personal issues Council stepped up and helped with the night.

The children were well looked after and had some games and giveaways for them to try burn the energy out of them before going home for a big sleep.

Was a good couple of days working close with the team. Everyone had a very enjoyably day and would gladly do it again.