New Katherine Activities Hub

February 03, 2021

Attendees at the new Katherine Activities Hub have increased dramatically. Rise Ventures have leased a new site in the Industrial area of Katherine that will run all the activities.

Orientation, COVID, Evacuation plan and Toolbox Meeting

The site consists of a large shed for the base of our Construction and Grounds Maintenance skilling Activities, as well as an Accommodation Area where our Hospitality and Arts & Crafts Activity are now situated. The site was chosen as it puts our job seekers in the view of a large portion of Katherine’s Employers.

With compliance coming back after the COVID 19 suspension, we saw the opportunity to “reset” our Activities to provide more diverse skilling and employment outcomes. We are also hoping that the changes will ramp up attendance as quickly as possible.

Making sure that the new shed and yard is tidy

Unfortunately, we lost our Activity Supervisors during the COVID 19 suspension and have welcomed on board five new supervisors who are already proving their ability to engage the Jobseekers.

All Jobseekers were involved in a Toolbox Meeting to outline Disease Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Procedures. Our five new supervisors then dispersed to their sections. Jill and her team prepared a nutritious lunch for the Jobseekers and the leftovers were donated to people in need.

Lunch is ready for everyone.

Lynette, Ian, and Craig assisted in the inductions and prestart procedure on the lawn maintenance equipment before removing noxious weeds and mowing the grounds. Employers in the area have shown interest in the project and are looking forward to our achievements.

The project is helping local job seekers of all ages, race and gender with job skills and overcoming employment barriers.

The venture is already showing signs of success; in the form of smiles, conversations that are showing us that these job seekers are already feeling like they have achieved and are part of something that is going to make a difference.

Two employers in the area have already approached us for potential employees.

Reuban Granzien, CDP Coordinator, Rise Ventures

Prestart and inductions
Cleaning up the new shed and surrounds