Kybrook Community COVID Vaccine

May 27, 2021

The Pine Creek clinic manager Damien and Aboriginal Health staff Chris Johnson came to the Rise CDP Activity in Kybrook to speak with Rise participants about the COVID-19 Vaccine.

They gave dates for when the immunisations will commence. Posters with the dates will be put around the community and the town of Pine Creek.

Clinic Staff advised our participants that usually get their flu shots need to do so now, Because soon they will no longer be available. We also had Catholic Care ladies Frances and Melanie here doing a little workshop with our ladies group on General health and well being session questionnaire.

Catholic Care ladies Frances and Melanie conducting a workshop on general health and wellbeing.

We provided the Clinic with the use of the CDP Facilities as well as the use of the RISE Bus to help transport our community members to the clinic on the Vaccination day.

Making sure community members have clear information around the COVID vaccination and the flu shots.