Gavin Holroyd is Rise’s Participant of the week

April 15, 2022

Mr Gavin Holroyd has been attending his activity for the past fortnight and has been sticking to his Mutual Obligations.

Gavin has had a major improvement in his self confidence and talking to others in a very encouraging and helping manner. The men could be picking up rubbish or tidying up the shed and Gavin is right there in the thick of it and it has been noticed by Supervisors and CPC.

He has been extremely helpful with the office staff as well with yarning in language to community members and getting them to come into the office to ask for help. Over the IDLU week Gavin made sure that he was here every morning to help SSC Alexis Austin and IDLU Team with building confidence of community members to come in as well.

Gavin is always looking out for others and is one of the first men to pull up others if something is not safe or being done wrong. CPC and BM decided that a different type of incentive was needed for Gavin as he likes to fish and with the Easter long weekend we went with a small fishing package.

Well done Gavin!