Delivering Fresh Mangoes

January 03, 2021

Happy to deliver an excess of mangoes to the local community

We were contacted by the Local Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries to let us know that they had an excess of mangoes.  They asked if we could help disperse the mangoes to the community.

The Katherine Community Maintenance and Repairs team went to the Katherine Research Station to assist. The team filled a Wool bale bag and a dozen boxes with yummy mangoes and went out into the community delivering mangoes to our friends at Region 33, Kalano, Clontarf Academy and Ormonde House to name a few.

The team were all smiles and had a great time delivering the produce.

The team were proud to give fresh produce to the local community, who would not normally be able to afford fresh local mangoes.

Reuban Granzien, CDP Coordinator, Rise Ventures