Construction White Card Training

June 11, 2021

13 RISE participants successfully completed White Card training with Anthony from Civil Safety on Tuesday 8/06/21. RISE also assisted 4 other community members who are not RISE participants to complete this training as there were some spaces left due to Sorry Business and some participants were unable to complete the training due to this.

Group shot of some of the white card trainees.

Total of 17 people participated and were able to obtain their Construction White Card.

The group training for their white card.

Yesterday we received 5 employment applications from RISE participants as a direct result of obtaining their white card. The Same 5 that have completed Employment Applications for the Paving Crew Positions and were Site Inducted by Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council – Main Roads on the 11.06.2021.

Marcus Carmody with his white card.

All 5 participants have completed Employee paper work and 2 have commenced employment, and the remaining will start at a Later date.