Cemetery Clean Up

March 10, 2021

What a week with so much grass to cut in the community, the rain has given way to a growth spurt in the grass and weeds.

Left to Right: Brayden Collins (Rise), Darren Birchley (Supervisor Rise), Winston Andrews (Rise), Evans Josiah (KASC), Brendon King (KASC & Rise), James Josiah (KASC & Rise),
Aelon Victor (KASC & Rise), Zein Dick (Rise-Activity Rangers), Bert George (Rise),
Anzac Frank (Rangers).

Rise Ventures participants joined forces with the Rangers and Parks and Gardens crew from KASC who have all worked brilliantly together to ensure the cemetery is kept neat and tidy.

Ezra Aiden working hard with the cemetery tidy up

So great to see the younger participants giving a helping hand. Absolutely brilliant effort by all involved.