All RISE for Mango Harvesting

October 28, 2021

Over the last three years RISE has been invited to collect Mangoes from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade – Katherine Research Station.

This year RISE along with Nyirrunggulung-RISE have been invited to assist with the mango distribution around our remote communities of Beswick, Barunga, Binjari, Kalano and Katherine regions.

This year RISE was invited to pick the required mangoes this gave our attending job seekers hands on work experience should any have an interest in the Harvest Trail season.

Tool Box Talk before the Mango picking begins – Safety first

  • Mango Sap – Sap burns
  • Heat – Keep hydrated
  • PPE – Hats, gloves, and sunscreen
  • Cleaning the mangoes – removing the sap
  • Cleaning the vehicles
Tool box talk before work starts picking mangoes

With the appropriate PPE on and a detailed toolbox talk and talent release forms signed for our job seekers it was out to the mango fields to pick the abundance of mangoes.

All the vehicles involved
Our amazing Mango picking team

We have also been invited back to Katherine Research Station in November to pick more mangoes.