Alistair Aiden kept his job through Covid

January 14, 2021

Alistair is a 43-year-old local aboriginal Kowanyama resident. The Geographic isolation of Kowanyama and the amount of jobs and participants looking for those jobs is hard enough to deal with never mind Covid coming into play as well. He overcame these and kept coming to see Karen Dunell Rise Ventures CDP Business Manager, every day until he was successful.

Alistair commenced with Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council back in the height of Covid in September 2020 when many states were in lockdown.

Alistair is still gainfully employed even throughout the Covid closures. Alistair is employed as a cleaner who is also assisting with yard duties as the wet season is here and the community requires all hands on deck for yard maintenance.

Alastair works at the Training and Accommodation Centre which in the last 2 weeks is looking great with the trimming and cutting down of trees we lost in the cyclone that just passed below us in early January.

Now that health services have returned to the community the Accommodation Centre is busy again. Alastair also assists with the Airport, Post Office and Council Chambers to ensure they are all kept clean and safe for the community.

Rise Ventures supported Alastair with his resume and cover letter to ensure it was all up to date, set him up in the appropriate PPE to be prepared to start his job immediately.

We are looking forward to Alastair’s next milestone.

Karen Dunell,  Rise Ventures,  CDP Business Manager