When you’re out of petrol – fuel with effort

March 24, 2017

Herbertson, is not only the RISE Job Seeker of the Week, but is a beloved member of the Pormpuraaw community. Just this week alone because of Herbertson’s valiant efforts, we had a 50% increase in attendance for the resume development workshop!


A mentor and father-like figure for his small town, not only does his enthusiasm shine through regardless of the work he is doing; he inspires others to follow in his steps and to seek self-improvement in their work. RISE worker Bec McManus describes him as: “a great help and admirably committed to assisting with engagement in the program”.


She added: “Herbertson was asked to assist on Monday as there were no phones or communications in the community and no fuel to use vehicles to round up participants. Herbertson used his own time on Monday afternoon to drum up attendance for the Tuesday morning session.”


Because of his assistance and hard work, 9 young men attended our workshop. He has helped to mentor many of the young people in the community, as well through his mentoring he frequently brings new participants from this community to the RISE program.


RISE is extremely proud of Herbertsons efforts and congratulate him on being the RISE Job Seeker of the Week.


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