Job Seeker of the Week: Vincent William

June 23, 2017

Vincent is a young cultural leader in his community who is stepping up to do more. Through his participation in our hosted activity with Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal Corporation Men’s Group, Vincent was able to demonstrate his leadership skills and working ability.

Due to this opportunity Vincent has now been offered paid work with Pormpur Paanthu as a maintenance worker with cultural leadership duties relating to the Men’s group and Youth group. This is providing Vincent with a foundation for a productive daily routine and income in assisting him to better support his young family. Vincent’s family is heavily involved in the cultural input and direction in the community, this is allowing Vincent to become that next cultural leader and be an inspiration to the youth who look up to him in Pormpuraaw. Vincent has gone though some really big changes in his life over the last 12 months or more and when asked about how he felt about this he said “his work is giving him purpose and giving him better opportunities for the future for him and his family”.

By Team RISE Ventures