NO MORE, March in West Arnhem

June 15, 2017

By Rise Team

The NO MORE campaign began in 2006 and was consolidated in 2008 when NO MORE campaign founder Charlie King visited remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory to discuss family violence.
Family violence is not, however, exclusive to Indigenous communities. This campaign reaches awareness in the broader Australian population.
The key message of the campaign is to end family violence. The focus of the march was on the male community, whilst they have the power to be destructive and at the same time care for their families. Community Elders proudly announced that to reduce family violence, men needs to take ownership and find a solution as individuals and as a group.
The community of West Arnhem aims to significantly reduce family violence by engaging men in sporting events. The community together with RISE Ventures will achieve this at both the grassroots and the national level. Through education and corporate support.
RISE Ventures supports the campaign and promoted this within the community. The community development participants were engaged in this march and made the signage with the assistance of RI Con Construction.