Mark is Succeeding as a Ground Attendant at the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Tindal

November 10, 2023

Mark - Tindal

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic placement that truly exemplifies the spirit of dedication and skill development!

Meet Mark, an individual brimming with talent and enthusiasm, who was eagerly seeking an opportunity to showcase his skills and attitude. Thanks to our collaboration with Track SIS, he has a role as a ground attendant at the Royal Australian Air Force base in Tindal!
Making a Difference:
Mark diligently oversees the maintenance of public areas within the base, utilising his expertise to operate heavy machinery and create a pristine environment for the Tindal population.
Impressive Dedication:
Mark has left a permanent mark on the team in a short period with his energy and motivation.
Empowering Lives Together:
Tracksis and Rise Ventures have joined forces to reintroduce individuals to the workforce, proving that it’s never too late to develop new skills and embark on a fulfilling career journey.
Future Endeavours:
Mark will actively participate in specialised courses in the upcoming months to further enhance his skills and qualifications.
We are confident that his dedication will soon lead to securing a full-time employment contract, marking a significant milestone in his professional life.