Making the Kowanyama community safe during COVID

September 16, 2020

Rise Ventures Kowanyama has been very busy throughout the COVID arrangements even with activities suspended.

Justin Lawrence, our Trade and Tool Supervisor, recently has had his hands full with supplying the community with sanitiser stations so that businesses can meet the hygiene standards required now.

We originally had 14 sanitiser stations on order for the Kowanyama State School and have since received another order for 21 to supply all Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council operations.

In addition, Justin dedicates any spare time he has to making and donating all types of furniture to the elderly in the community, especially the Aged Care Facility. He has also made individual coffee tables for them for their newly renovated outdoor area.

Everybody in the community was very happy to see us making these deliveries.

Justin Lawrence with Finn Buckley at Kowanyama State School