Lots of Arts and Crafts activity in Katherine

January 23, 2020

Some of the Crafty Crew have been very busy making Joey pouches for the WildFire Rescue facilities in the southern states that have been devastated by the bushfires.

Our Arts and Crafts activity in Katherine has also churned out the best smelling candles money can buy.

With the tourist season approaching and the markets starting up again, some of the job seekers are looking forward to marketing their handy work. Many Rivers Microenterprise Development (MED) has also been engaged to provide information sessions to job seekers about the ways and steps to create their own enterprise, and the support available to help them achieve this.

The Crafty Crew will be attending a Quilting Expo this coming week at the local Cultural and Arts centre.

There will be some brilliant submissions from the Arts and Crafts activity in this year’s 2020 Naidoc Poster Competition which could win a participant $10,000 for the first prize – watch this space.