Kybrook Community open for activities

August 28, 2020

Following a Pine Creek Aboriginal Advancement Association meeting, the community unanimously voted in favour of CDP activities recommencing as soon as possible. The community was very outspoken in that they needed help to get things back to how they were prior to the COVID-19 closures. They needed help getting the community looking good again and were wanting something to give the residents meaning, direction and support.

Activities were recommenced on Monday and the following day we had five ladies in attendance as well as a man to help clean the community up for an upcoming funeral.

The Kybrook ladies were so excited to be able to come back to their activity. Half-finished art works lay at their workstations, exactly how they had left them several months ago. After the morning Toolbox Meeting where we talked about social distancing and the hygiene processes in place, everyone sanitised and were was back to it. The jobseekers even participated in making the premises COVID-19 safe by putting on posters to remind people to be compliant.