Job Seeker of the Week: Roseshelle Kitchener

July 04, 2017

Roseshelle Kitchener is our well-deserved Kowanyama job seeker of the week! At the start of the week, being relatively new to the sewing activity, Roseshelle was quite scared of using a sewing machine. She had never touched one before, but under the guidance of Renee, she managed to get through all the hurdles. Roseshelle got involved into the activity and was first in and last to leave each day. Below is the patchwork that she is making into a rug to go with the pillow cases she made earlier this week.

She was that enthused about the sewing activity that she would say until 3pm on some of the days to finish off her handy work. A true inspiration to other job seekers to have a go and get involved in activities. You’re never too old to learn new skills!