Job Seeker of the Week: Keifer Soper

May 05, 2017

Keifer is 24 years old and for the past 17 years has sustained employment within the community more often than not.

In 2010 Keifer was employed with VG Steel and completed a two year traineeship with this company in construction, before returning to our caseload and taking part in what was known at that time, as the Community Development Employment Programme.

In 2015 Keifer was referred to the Council and Bryant’s Construction to complete new house builds in the community of Kowanyama. Keifer was successful with his application and was employed for over 18 months prior to the contract ending and again returning to our caseload.

Over the past two years he has sustained employment contracts with different Kowanyama stakeholders, such as the HAAC, Community Store and Contractors, though none of it has led to sustainable full time employment for longer than a few weeks or months.

Keifer is one of our job seekers that attends every day and completes a mentoring role within the Trade and Tool Activity that he is meeting his mutual obligation in. Keifer has been active with gaining employment within the community. He also comes into our office and spent time outside his mutual obligation to work on his resume and interviewing skills to help him secure employment with the Kowanyama Cattle Station.