Job Seeker of the Week: Ananias Ganaraj AKA Cowboy

July 21, 2017

Cowboy currently attends our Community Improvement activity on a daily basis. Cowboy is always the first to help our supervisors and pitches in when required. We helped Cowboy to receive his WHS card in June for Construction.

He is normally the first to arrive to his activity, and is generally the last to leave, after helping the Community Project Coordinator pack things away for the day.

Local employer Intract came to our office with a Position Vacant for a labourer. Being the hard working and reliable fellow he is, Cowboy was asked by Peter the CPC if he would be interested in applying. Cowboy was very keen to apply for this opportunity. Peter took Cowboy down to the Manager at Intract where he informed Cowboy he could start on Thursday! That afternoon around 5:30pm, Cowboy rang Peter and thanked him for taking him down and helping him get the job.

The attached photo is of Cowboy in action shovelling sand by hand helping with Sorry Business in the Community.