CDP activities help two young mothers gain employment

October 13, 2020

In a small and remote community with limited opportunities, two young Indigenous mothers gained skills, experience and confidence that enabled them to secure employment.

Denisha and Sherry-Anne are young indigenous mothers from the Kybrook Community and Pine Creek Township about 93kms north of Katherine. A small town of 328 people, Pine Creek has few surviving businesses and reduced mining activity over recent years has lead to limited opportunities in the area.

RISE Katherine provided a ladies activity at Kybrook Community where the participants were encouraged to be involved in art and  sewing projects as well as traditional projects such as pandanas basket weaving. Denisha and Sherry-Anne also regularly assist in cooking up a meal for both the women and men to improve nutrition in the community.

Commencing this year, the school started a project aimed to improve the nutrition of the local school children. Because of Denisha and Sherry-Anne’s skills and confidence building with the Kybrook Community activities, the ladies have been given permanent part-time employment within the School Nutrition Program providing healthy meals for the children on school days. This not only provides them with a steady income but also without the need to be away from their children or families.