Binjari has been consistently great since our start at the site on the 1st of July.

August 26, 2019

The attendance at Binjari has been consistently great since our start at the site on the 1st of July. The majority of the performance of this site is attributed to the Team and their engagement with the Community and its representatives. But also the welcoming nature of the residents of Binjari Community. This week the Binjari Community Pride ladies team were taken to town where they got a tour of the Food Ladder facility before going to Mitre10 to each get a vegetable seedling to plant in their gardens at our facilities in Binjari. The ladies have been working on the gardens at Binjari to prepare them for these plants which eventually will be used in cooking activities at the site. While the ladies have been busy in the gardens, the men from the Binjari Community Pride men’s team have also been busy fabricating hangers for their tools and organising their equipment in the containers. The men have also begun repairing the fence around the facilities under the leadership of our latest addition to the team, Bill (a local Binjari Resident) who is quickly proving himself to be a great asset to Rise Binjari. Along with the great work happening out in the activities, the Service Coordination at Binjari has also been outstanding. Aaron has been very proactive with the Job seekers, by building and updating resumes, initiating police checks and goal setting with the Job seekers in preparation of the gate clearance process at the Tindal RAAF Base. Their resumes have been forwarded to Savanna Solutions to begin the process. We are also planning the build of a pizza oven next, so watch this space!