Army recruits returning home after training

June 25, 2019

Joy and jubilations were felt across the Airport in Pormpuraaw, when army recruits returned home for the first time after leaving for their first part of army training in Cairns.  

A heartfelt hug of Meredith Arkwookerum, a RISE employee welcoming her grandson Matt home. Daniel Charlie was welcomed by a couple of members of his family and his proud Mum Priscilla Charlie,  who is also a RISE employee.

Their next visit to training is in July. RISE is now the contact point for both the army and the community in Pormpuraaw, providing information and support to everyone – even if they are not on our caseload. We make sure they have the basics sorted that are required – from hygiene packs to RISE Community Pride shirts. The Army is happy with our support we provide and we will continue to do so going forward.

Also pictured is Russel Fuller who works for council with Andrew Dunn from the Army who accompanied them home to Pormpuraaw and assisted to support them through their training.