Happy Easter from Gunbalanya!

April 17, 2019

The team at Gunbalanya had an Easter Morning Tea with all the WFD participants today. Everyone who turned up to work or their activity got a raffle ticket for the lovely prizes that Allen and Kathy had on display. Our star supervisor Henry won the first prize,  a 1kg Easter egg and the ladies Joan and Lana won baskets filled with chocolate happiness which they shared with their family and friends.

We had fresh hot cross buns cooked in the pizza oven served with jam and Nutella. The ladies came over and enjoyed a hot cuppa,  some easter eggs, and hot cross buns.

What a fun morning! The Easter Bunny is now tired and has gone into hibernation until Sunday.


Happy Easter All!

Allen and Kathy at the prizes to be won
Henry, with the 1kg easter egg he won
Ladies easter egg winners.