Our Executive Management Team

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO

Chairman - RISE Ventures

Mr Mundine is a highly respected businessman, political strategist and advocate for empowering Indigenous Australia to build a sustained economy. His life and career have been shaped by a personal commitment to community, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and he has more than 26 years’ experience working in the public, private and community sectors. Mr Mundine is the Managing Director of NyunggaBlack which is a commercial business that delivers solutions for clients who want to invest and do business in Australia. In doing so, it aims to foster new commercial and economic opportunities for Australians, including Indigenous Australians. In June 2016, Mr Mundine was named an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia as part of the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Wendy Yarnold

Board Director

Wendy has spent over 25 years working in Aboriginal programs. Wendy’s professional experience includes managing Aboriginal programs and businesses that includes Real Futures Pty Limited and Real Honey, supporting Aboriginal advancement, including Strategic Training and Employment Programs, Aboriginal Leadership and Management Consultant,  Executive for Building Australia’s Future Workforce and Deputy Director Booroongen Djugun College. Wendy is an experienced Cultural Competency Trainer, presenter, who prepared a Close the Gap Report for the Labour Government to highlight issues in a priority areas to determine community implementation planning.

Duncan James Angus

Founder and Director

Duncan entered the hospitality industry in 1985, serving in a number of managerial capacities and later focusing on recruitment services to the industry. In 1991, Duncan as one of the founders, setup Angus Knight as a training services company, which successfully expanded operations throughout Australia, delivering training programs in every State. In 1998, Duncan led Angus Knight in a successful bid for the Federal Government’s Employment Services Contract. Duncan continued to lead the Group up until early 2000, when a professional executive team was appointed to lead the company through the next phase of growth. Duncan’s vision has always been to assist people and organisations in developing their full potential using the concept of ‘lifelong learning.’

Michael Hobday

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Hobday has 25 years experience in the Commonwealth and QLD state governments and 15 years as a CEO in the human services industry. Michael has been at the forefront of business performance and policy development at an international and national level and prides himself on the philosophy of “helping to build stronger communities”. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate qualifications in Industrial Relations and Marketing.

Darren Kilminster

General Manager – Community Development Programme

Darren Kilminster is the General Manager, Community Development Programme at Jobfind, bringing more than 20 years management experience and 27 years of experience in the employment services industry. Previously Darren was the General Manager for Jobfind and was then the National Operations Manager, Disability Employment Services. He is dedicated and passionate about helping people to achieve their best, and working with key stakeholders to develop remote communities. Darren is particularly focused on continual performance improvement for our staff and providing attractive career paths for our employees. Darren has worked for numerous employment services providers such as Work Directions, IPA Personnel and also for the Commonwealth Government, providing him with a thorough knowledge of the employment services industry. Darren studied Sociology at the University of Wollongong and has postgraduate qualifications from Griffith University in case management.

Marty Chambers

National Indigenous Engagement Manager

Marty is a proud indigenous man with Torres Strait Island heritage. In this role Marty builds strong connections with local people and helps communities develop business proposals together. Marty is a great communicator and understands the issues indigenous people face in remote areas of Australia.

Marty has held various roles within Jobfind and RISE over the time of his employment with Angus Knight.  He was the Community Development Officer in Lockhart River and managed projects and indigenous relationships, he then moved across to Coen as the Site Manager.  He was then offered Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama as the Business Manager for 3 years before going back to his tradesman roots and taking on the WfD Coordinator position for Pormpuraaw.

Marty has a background in trade carpentry which he draws experience from when managing projects and also has more than 8 years’ experience with indigenous communities and relationships. Marty’s passion is family and communities and he loves to help build capacity in people.

Robert Howard

Activity Manager NT & QLD

Robert is an employment and training specialist who supports Community Development Programs within the Indigenous Communities of Queensland and the Northern Territory, and working closely with Stakeholders in Developing their Business and infrastructure through funding, to ensure local jobs can be secured.As an Activity Manager for Angus Knight, in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Robert helps a wide range of clients with welfare reform; job placement; training; licensing and Social Security mutual obligations. Within this role Robert oversees five CDP regions throughout both States, ensuring Work Place Health and Safety; Activity Management within Work for the Dole, Education and Training and Business Development.By drawing on strengths and expertise at the Angus Knight Group, and the experience gained from operating in government, corporate and community markets, he works to inspire success for our customers and partners.

Emma Eccles

Territory Manager – Northern Territory

Emma has over 25 years of experience working for the Commonwealth Government and in the not for profit sector. She has held various positions managing Community Development services, and has been the Corporate Services Manager for two not for profit organisations. Recently Emma has assisted CDP providers to improve and maintain their performance. Emma is very passionate about continuous improvement and best practice strategies that not only drive performance but provide sustainable outcomes for our clients. This has had a positive impact on many individuals, their families and the wider community. Emma holds a Diploma in Business and Frontline Management.

Leah Simmons

Area Manager – Kowanyama Pormpuraaw Region

Leah has over 5 years of administration, employment services and community development experience. She has worked for Rise since February 2012 in various roles. Leah commenced her career with Rise in CDEP Coen as the administration officer responsible for employment and training coordination. Leah has undertaken many roles within the company during her employment inclusive of Administration CDEP Coen, Employment and Training Coordination CDEP Coen, Service Coordination RJCP Pormpuraaw, Team Leader RJCP Pormpuraaw and then CDP Area Manager for Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw. During this time she has developed many valuable relationships in these Cape York communities. Leah is enthusiastic about building local capacity in clients and is very passionate about stakeholder engagement to increase linkages to CDP to further open up opportunities for clients and community.

Laura Little

Business Manager – Katherine Region

Laura has over 7 years working in the employment service and community development sector. Prior to working with RISE Ventures, Laura worked in Central West QLD where she was employed as a Senior Employment Advisor and Strategic Partnership Broker within the youth sector. She takes a strength based approach when leading her team and strives for success through addressing client barriers. Laura has a passion for community development and is currently studying a Bachelor in Human Services majoring in Community Development.

Suzanne Mutch

Business Manager - Western Tablelands Region

Suzanne has worked in employment services for 7 years and all of it has been with Rise. Suzanne has worked with Rise in a variety of remote communities including Kowanyama, Lockhart River and the Torres Strait Islands. Suzanne has a passion for working with communities to help improve the lives of people and has a particular interest in helping people with disabilities. Suzanne has a Certificate IV in Disability Services.

Joanne Bate

Business Manager - Mornington Island

Joanne joined Rise in 2015 with over 15 years’ experience in the employment service sector, including managing disability employment service regions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Prior to this Joanne worked in Federal and Local Government, primarily in the areas of Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Joanne strongly believes that sustainable employment is the key to positive change for people and communities. She feels that the financial independence gained by employment empowers people to take control over their own lives. Joanne and the staff at Rise Mornington Island work in partnership with community stakeholders to achieve results, and as a team are privileged to see the positive changes that have occurred under the CDP program.

Gary Hall

Performance Support Manager, CDP

Gary has a wealth of experience in the Employment & Disability Employment services area He has been with the organisation since 2005 and has held a number of positions including Team Leader, Compliance Manager, National Trainer of Employment Services, Performance Manager and General Manager of Employment Services NSW & Qld. He combines his government contractual work with an extensive experience in the corporate world. Gary is also a very talented trainer able to clearly explain complex government requirements, but at the same time hold the attention of the room with his entertaining delivery style. Gary is a valued member of the organisations leadership team.