Monsoonal Rain Doesn’t Dampen CDP Activities on the Cape

January 17, 2017

Wet season has set in so it’s been raining persistently in Mornington Island on the Cape over the last few weeks, but there’s still plenty of work being done as part of the RISE (CDP) Community Development Projects.
Rise Activity Manager Qld and NT Robert Howard said: “The monsoonal season has meant that a number of CDP activities have been brought indoors, but this has led to some very innovative projects being carried out by local participants to meet a particular need in the community.”
Mr Howard said: “One such project is the erection of indoor dog cages so vets that fly in have adequate facilities to house local injured & sick animals while they are being treated.”
Mornington Island Mayor Bradley Wilson said: “it’s a great project, hopefully there will be many more with Council and Rise. It gave the guys something to work on during the rain and allowed the vet to operate.”
Mr Howard added: “The wet season will continue for a few months yet, but with the ingenuity of local participants and the RISE leadership team & local council, more projects allowing for the weather conditions will be put in place, ensuring the up-skilling of the local workforce doesn’t stop and some well needed community projects are completed.”
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