King of the Ranges

February 09, 2018

Davin, who calls Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, his home, works for the Heytesbury Cattle Company which owns six stations spanning 2.5 million hectares across Northern Territory and West Australia. Among these is the Victoria River Downs Station which is now run as four stand-alone stations.  One of these is Moolooloo Station where Davin is now located.

Running for its 15th consecutive year, the ‘King of the Ranges’ Challenge centres around work stockmen are required to do on properties and turned into a competition.

The program of involving indigenous stockmen goes back to 2015 when officials co-sponsored with Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company (based in the Gulf of Carpentaria) aiming to assist young aboriginal stockmen to develop skills and widen their experience.

For 2018 the Aboriginal Development Benefit Trust has partnered with the King of the Ranges organisation. The young stockmen are now being taught the fundamentals of the events in order for them to compete.

The Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust arranged all travel and accommodation and RISE  has sponsored Davin which has allowed him to travel to NSW early to train for the event.

This is a great example of how CDP can help participants reach their goals.  Davin is completing his CDP requirements by training and competing in this event which has been a goal of his for some time. Davin tells us he has learnt some great skills during the training that will help with the event and when he returns to station work later this year.

Station work and horsemanship skills are Davin’s passion.