Injalak Art Centre West Arnhem

July 03, 2017

RISE Ventures has partnered with Injalak Art Centre for over three years, since the inception of the Remote Jobs and Community Programme (RJCP).

Proudly, 30% of RISE Ventures’ West Arnhem caseload is hosted by Injalak Art Centre, with activity varying from multimedia, marketing, basket weaving, sculptures, screen printing and painting, and construction through to cultural activity.

Injalak is an art centre run by a Board of traditional owners and employs over 100 local indigenous residents on a casual basis.

The art pictured below was completed by Gunbalanya artist Graham Badari, with the screen printing being completed by two Community Development participants, Selina and Kevin.

To purchase any of this traditional hand crafted art work, please find below link to the online store: #Cdpsuccess