Mornington Island Hairdressing Salon

October 31, 2018

Mornington Island has the first hair salon in a remote area that provides training and work experience for young women on the island.

RISE Ventures envisioned that the salon would be a great activity to inspire and engage women to look at hairdressing as a possible career option, whilst also providing training and experience in a business.

Qualified hair dresser, Lisa Laurin, works with the local community and loves the interaction with the local community. She hopes that this will inspire young women to look at completing their qualifications and set up their own hair dressing salon for the community in the future.

The salon offers Certificate 11 in salon assist. Engagement is high and outcomes are exciting with 12 young women gaining qualifications in Salon Assist. This success will see the salon offer its first full apprenticeship shortly.

The salon has had over 1,200 visitations since it opened and is a hub for the people of Mornington Island.

Watch the video here