Gunbalanya local & AFL fanatic is this weeks RISE Job Seeker of the Week.

March 17, 2017

Gunbalanya local James Balmana 34 is not only the RISE Jobseeker of the week, but he’s also a local footy player of some note, so on the weekends you’ll find him at the park toiling away on the paddock for his beloved Banyan Hawks in the local AFL competition.

James has a great love for his community, he was born & bred in Gunbalanya & attended Gunbalanya school. To complete his education he then went to Kalaminda College to finish of his Year 12 studies.

RISE Gunbalanya manger Tracy Beesley said: “James struggled early on with his CDP activities & was a repeat non attendee up until January this year.

However in recent times his attendance record has improved dramatically and he has proven himself to be reliable and a hard worker, “she said.

Tracy added: “James is keen to learn, is a great team player and has grown as a person. He is now willing to give anything a go. He particularly enjoys yard maintenance and construction.”

Its great to see James has turned things around which is the reason he has been named as the RISE Job Seeker of the Week.

He’d also like to see the Hawthorn Hawks win the AFL flag this year to make 2017 one to remember.


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