Clean drinking water is a right – Kowrowa

September 11, 2017

Kuranda’s Social Justice Group Coordinator; Persia Westropp-Hill praises RISE for providing clean drinkable water to Kowrowa’s community.

Persia writes to RISE Kowrowa is a community less than 50 km from Cairns, Nth QLD not a third world country, however the Kowrowa community have been living in third world conditions in regard to the condition of the water quality plumbed into their homes. The Justice Group has made several attempts at getting attention this situation and all to no avail.

RISE was approached and within a very short time the community water tank had been cleaned, the outlet pipe had been moved and adequate filtration had been installed, all of this was done by RISE.

Previously, community members would carry water in buckets from the nearest clean water access aprox. 200 m away, this was a daily job necessary for cooking, drinking and cleaning.

The community now has clean drinking water in their homes, in the hall and in the shed that is currently being used by RISE as a training facility.

This was an undertaking not necessarily within the RISE service model however it is with the greatest appreciation from the community and the Justice Group that we say “Thank-you”.